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One of the difficulties in Gemara learning (in my experience), is that there tends to be a focus on learning Iyun. Now, while Iyun is good, and very well may be the ulitmate goal in Gemara study, it tends to fall flat if one doesn't have a broad knowledge of the subject being discussed ( Sugya, in Talmudic lingo). In simple terms, how can one learn a Pilpul in laws of Chazaka without having basic knowledge (which isn't as basic as people think it is) of the types of Chazaka?
And no, not all of the Sugyas are cross-referenced on the side. Only when words match (and, really, not even then), does it cross-reference Sugyas. But often, a Gemara will write something in Sanhedrin (on the topic of King Menashe being a heretic) which actually has practical application to the laws of blessings (Where King Menashe taught (in a dream!) the part of the bread on which one should bless).
So the focus here is more on the Girsa, the "outer layer" of the Gemara. Hopefully in the future I'll record some more in-depth classes, but I'm kind of busy translating (yes, it does take an enourmous amount of time to even edit a translation, let alone to write it from scratch.)

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