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ובית הלל
סברי שטר העומד לגבות לאו כגבוי דמי
While Beis Hillel reasons that a document which is ready to be collected is not considered collected.

:מעוברת חבירו כו':
Discussed in Mishna A pregnant woman...

אמר רב נחמן אמר רבה בר אבוה מחלוקת בעקרה וזקינה
Rav Nachman said in the name of Rabbah bar Avuha
the argument is whether a barren or an old woman
drinks the Sotah water,

Since, as Rabbi Elazar says in the Mishna, one may marry an infertile woman as one get other wives through which he can have children.
אבל איילונית דברי הכל לא שותה ולא נוטלת כתובתה
even Rabbi Elazar
agrees that an Ailonous
suspected of immorality
does not drink
the Sotah waters
and can not collect her Kesuba

Even though Rabbi Elazar agrees that one may marry an Ailonous, he holds that she may not drink the bitter waters for a different reason:
שנאמר ונקתה ונזרעה זרע
the verse says
"then she shall be cleared, and shall conceive seed."

מי שדרכה להזריע יצאה זו שאין דרכה להזריע
Only one who can conceive seed
may be cleared by the bitter water, but an Ailonous,
who doesn't give seed,
may not be cleared by the Sotah waters.

The Gemara Asks:
It was asked:

A Braisa taught the following eight laws, one of which (number eight) clearly says that an Ailonous does drink the bitter waters!
המקנא לארוסתו ולשומרת יבם שלו אם עד שלא כנסה נסתרה לא שותה ולא נוטלת כתובתה
If one warned his Arusa or one awaiting Yibum,
and she was secluded before marriage,
she doesn't drink
the bitter water
nor collect her Kesuba,

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