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כחנייתן עברו
Jews crossed the Jordan river in the same shape as they

לדברי רבי אלעזר בר'
שמעון בזה אחר זה עברו
And Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon
said that the Jews crossed the Jordan river
one following the next
in a single file line

וחד אמר בין מר ובין מר כחנייתן עברו מר סבר אדם קל ומר סבר מים קלים
The other
said that both
Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Elazar agreed that the Jews
crossed the
Jordan river in the same shape as they encamped,
the argument is about
whether water travels faster than people.

The Gemara continues to discuss the story of the spies:
שלח לך אנשים
"Send for yourself men"

The verse says (in the beginning of Parshas Shelach ): "And Hashem spoke to Moshe, saying: Send men at your volition, and have them spy out the land of Canaan which I am giving to the children of Israel. One man, respectively, for the tribe of his fathers shall you send, each a chief among them. And Moshe sent them from the desert of Paran by leave of Hashem, all men, heads of the children of Israel, were they. And these are their names: Of the tribe of Reuven, Shamua ben Zakkur ... These are the names of the men that Moshe sent to spy out the land. And Moshe called Hoshea bin Nun "Yehoshua." And Moshe sent them to spy out the land of Canaan , and he said to them: Go up this (way) in the south, and ascend the mountain. And see what kind of land it is. And the people dwelling upon it - Are they strong or weak? Are they few or numerous? ... And they went up and spied out the land, from the desert of Tzin until Rechov , approaching Chamas . And they went up in the south, and he (Kalev) came until Chevron. And there, were Achiman, Sheshai, and Talmai , the children of the giant. And Chevron was superior, seven - fold to Tzoan in Egypt. And they came to the river - bed of Eshkol , and they cut down from there a branch with one cluster of grapes
on it
, and they carried it by pole, on two poles, and (they took) of the pomegranates, and of the figs. That place was called the river bed of Eshkol (cluster) because of the cluster that the children of Israel cut from there."
אמר ריש לקיש שלח לך מדעתך וכי אדם זה בורר חלק רע לעצמו
Reish Lakish explains
that the word "for yourself" teaches that Hashem told Moshe that the mission
is optional, as
Hashem would not command Moshe to do something which will
result in harm.

והיינו דכתיב וייטב בעיני הדבר אמר ריש לקיש בעיני ולא בעיניו של מקום
Reish Lakish
said that the verse
"And the matter pleased me well"
is exact, as the mission pleased
, but not Hashem.

ויחפרו לנו את הארץ
"That they may search the land for us"

אמר ר' חייא בר אבא מרגלים לא נתכוונו אלא לבושתה של ארץ ישראל
Rabbi Chiya bar Abba
explained this verse to teach that
the spies intended to embarrass
the Land of

כתיב הכא ויחפרו לנו את הארץ וכתיב התםוחפרה הלבנה ובושה החמה וגו'
This is derived from a Gezeira Shava of the word
" VayeChafru "
and the word " Chafra " in the verse
"Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed".

ואלה שמותם למטה ראובן שמוע בן זכור
"And these were their names: of the tribe of Reuven, Shammua the son of Zakur ."

אמר רבי יצחק דבר זה מסורת בידינו מאבותינו מרגלים על שם מעשיהם נקראו ואנו לא עלתה בידינו אלא אחד
Rabbi Yitzchak said that there is a tradition that the spies were named for their
acts, but we
know the exposition of only
one of them:

סתור בן מיכאל סתור שסתר מעשיו של הקב"ה
הקדוש ברוך הוא
מיכאל שעשה עצמו מך
"Of the tribe of Asher, Sesur the son of Michael".
He was named
Sesur since he
claimed that
is a liar (G - d forbid)
, and
his father was named Michael
since he made Hashem weak
(G - d forbid)

אמר רבי יוחנן אף אנו נאמר נחבי בן ופסי נחבי שהחביא דבריו של הקב"ה
הקדוש ברוך הוא
ופסי שפיסע על מדותיו של הקב"ה
הקדוש ברוך הוא
Rabbi Yochanan said that one also can expound on
the name
" Nachbi the son of Vofsi ".
He was called
" Nachbi " since he lied, and
his father was called Vofsi since he
lied about Hashem's attributes.

ויעלו בנגב ויבא עד חברון
"And they went up into the South, and he came unto Chevron"

ויבאו מבעי ליה
The verse should have said

אמר רבא מלמד שפירש כלב מעצת מרגלים והלך ונשתטח על קברי אבות
Rava said that this
teaches that Kalev separated himself from the plot of the spies, and went
alone to Chevron to
prostrate at the graves of his forefathers,

אמר להן אבותי בקשו עלי רחמים שאנצל מעצת מרגלים
Kalev asked
"Forefathers, pray for mercy
for me
so that I shall be saved from the plot of the spies."

יהושע כבר בקש משה עליו רחמים שנאמר ויקרא משה להושע בן נון יהושע יה יושיעך מעצת מרגלים
didn't need to go,
since Moshe already prayed for him, as
the verse
says "And Moshe called Hoshea the son of Nun Yehoshua."
He was called Yehoshua as a prayer that
Hashem should save him from the plot of the spies.

והיינו דכתיב ועבדי כלב עקב היתה רוח אחרת עמו וגו'
The verse says
"But My servant Kalev, because he had another spirit with him,
and has followed Me fully, him will I bring into the land where he went." As a reward for going to Chevron, Kalev inherited Chevron.

ושם אחימן ששי ותלמי וגו'
"And Achiman, Sheshai, and Talmai "

The Gemara expounds their names:
אחימן מיומן שבאחיו
Achiman - the strongest of the brothers,

ששי שמשים את הארץ כשחתות
- he was as heavy as a marble pillar
and drove the ground into ditches,

תלמי שמשים את הארץ תלמים תלמים
- he was so big that the
would turn the earth into ditches.

דבר אחר
אחימן בנה ענת ששי בנה אלש תלמי בנה תלבוש
Another opinion is that Achiman built Anas , Shashai built Alash and Talmai built Talbush .

ילידי הענק
"The children of Anak "

שמעניקין חמה בקומתן
They were so
they would
( Maanikim )
the sun.

וחברון שבע שנים נבנתה
"Now Chevron was built seven years
before Tzoan in Egypt

The Gemara Asks:
מאי נבנתה
What does the verse
that Chevron was built seven years before Tzoan?

The Gemara Answers:
אילימא נבנתה ממש אפשר אדם בונה בית לבנו קטן קודם לבנו גדול דכתיב ובני חם כוש ומצרים וגו'
Would Cham build a city
for his younger son before his older son?
But the verse says
"And the sons of Cham: Kush, and Mitzraim, and Put, and Canaan"
in order of age, so Mitzraim (the founder of Egypt) was older than Canaan (the founder of the land of Canaan).

אלא שהיתה מבונה על אחד משבעה בצוען
the verse teaches that Chevron
was seven times
more fruitful
than Tzoan.

ואין לך טרשים בכל א"י
ארץ ישראל
יתר מחברון (משום) דקברי בה שיכבי
From the fact the fact that Chevron was a cemetery, one can derive that
there is no land in Israel as rocky as Chevron,

ואין לך מעולה בכל הארצות יתר מארץ מצרים שנאמר כגן ה'
כארץ מצרים
And there is no land better than Egypt, as
the verse
says "like the garden of Hashem, like the land of Egypt",

ואין לך מעולה בכל ארץ מצרים יתר מצוען דכתיב כי היו בצוען שריו
And there is
no city
in Egypt better than Tzoan, as
the verse says
"For his princes are at Tzoan".

So Chevron was the worst place in Israel, while Tzoan was the most fertile city in the world.
ואפילו הכי חברון מבונה אחד משבעה בצוען
despite this
, Chevron was built seven times as much as Tzoan.

The Gemara Asks:
וחברון טרשים הוי
But was Chevron rocky?

והא כתיב ויהי מקץ ארבעים שנה ויאמר אבשלום אל המלך אלכה נא וגו'
the verse writes
"And it came to pass at the end of forty years, that Avshalom said to the king: 'I beg of you,
let me go and pay my vow, which I have vowed unto Hashem, in Chevron.'"

ואמר רב אויא ואיתימא רבה בר בר חנן שהלך להביא כבשים מחברון
And Rav Aviya said
And some say that
the statement was made by
Rabbah Bar Bar Chanan
went to bring sheep from Chevron,

ותניא אילים ממואב כבשים מחברון
a Braisa
taught that rams
are brought
from Moav and Sheep
are brought
from Chevron.

How could the Gemara say that Chevron has the worst land in Israel if it's good for grazing?
The Gemara Answers:
מינה איידי דקלישא ארעא עבדה רעיא ושמן קניינא
Chevron has poor soil, farmers don't plant there and grass grows naturally
, sheep graze there and become fat.

וישובו מתור הארץ
"And they returned from spying out the land
at the end of forty days

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