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רב ושמואל
There is an argument between
Rav and Shmuel
about the interpretation of the above verse:

חד אמר נס
One said that there was a

וחד אמר נס בתוך נס
And the other said
that there was a double

מאן דאמר נס יער הוה דובים לא הוו
which said that
it was a single
hold that while
there was a forest
to begin with
, there were no bears,

=מאן דאמר
נס בתוך נס לא יער הוה ולא דובים הוו
While the
which said that there
was a double
hold that
there was no forest and no bears
to begin with, and Hashem had to create both.

The Gemara Asks:
וליהוי דובים ולא ליהוי יער
didn't Hashem just create
the bears without a forest?

The Gemara Answers:
The bears would be
too scared
to attack without cover.

אמר רבי חנינא בשביל ארבעים ושנים קרבנות שהקריב בלק מלך מואב הובקעו מישראל ארבעים ושנים ילדים
Rabbi Chanina said that as a reward for Balak, king of Moav, offering forty - two sacrifices, forty - two Jewish children were torn.

The Gemara Asks:
was that his reward?

והאמר רב יהודה אמר רב לעולם יעסוק אדם בתורה ובמצות ואע"פ
=ואף על פי
שלא לשמה שמתוך שלא לשמה בא לשמה
But didn't Rav Yehuda teach in the name of Rav that a person should always
Torah and do Mitzvahs
(even not for Hashem's
), as through rote performance of Mitzvahs
he will come to perform them for

שבשכר ארבעים ושנים קרבנות שהקריב בלק מלך מואב זכה ויצתה ממנו רות
And an example of this principle is
that the reward for the forty two offerings which Balak, king of Moav brought, was
to have offspring
like Rus,

שיצא ממנו שלמה שכתוב ביה אלף עולות יעלה שלמה
From whom
came Shlomo, about whom it's written "a thousand burnt - offerings did Shlomo offer".

The Rus was a descendant of Eglon through ...
ואמר רבי יוסי בן חוני רות בתו של עגלון בנו של בלק היתה
And Rabbi Yossi ben Choni said that Rus was the daughter of Eglon who was the son of Balak.

The Gemara Answers:
תאותו מיהא לקללה הוי
Despite his good deeds (which resulted in a positive reward),
his intent was evil
which resulted in Jewish deaths

ויאמרו אנשי העיר אל אלישע הנה נא מושב העיר טוב כאשר אדוני רואה וגו'
"And the men of the city said to Elisha: 'the dwelling of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees;
but the water is bad, and the land miscarries."

The Gemara Asks:
וכי מאחר דמים רעים וארץ משכלת אלא מה טובתה
What's so good
about a land
if its waters are bad and the land miscarries?

The Gemara Answers:
אמר רבי חנין חן מקום על יושביו
Rabbi Chanin said that a place is always pleasant to its inhabitants.

So even though the water is bad and the land is bad, the locals still think it's a great place to live.
אמר רבי יוחנן שלשה חינות הן
Rabbi Yochanan said that there are three
gifts of

חן מקום על יושביו
A land is always pleasant to its inhabitants,

חן אשה על בעלה
A wife is always pleasant to her husband,

חן מקח על מקחו
A purchase is always pleasant to its buyer.

תנו רבנן שלשה חלאין חלה אלישע
The Sages taught that Elisha was ill three times:

אחד שגירה דובים בתינוקות
1. He was punished
for inciting the bears
onto the children,

ואחד שדחפו לגחזי בשתי ידים
2. He was punishment
for pushing away

ואחד שמת בו
3. His final illness.

שנאמר ואלישע חלה את חליו אשר ימות בו
a verse
says "Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness from which he was to die."

תנו רבנן לעולם תהא שמאל דוחה וימין מקרבת
The Sages taught that the left
should repel but the right
should bring close:

The Gemara will cite two examples where a teacher rejecting his student caused bad results.
לא כאלישע שדחפו לגחזי בשתי ידיו
Not as Elisha who pushed Geichazi away with both hands,

ולא כיהושע בן פרחיה שדחפו
(לאחד מתלמידיו) בשתי ידיו
And Not as Yehoshua ben Perachia who pushed away one of his students with both hands.

The Gemara will now discuss the above incidents:
The Gemara Asks:
אלישע מאי היא
How did Elisha
push away Geichazi?

The Gemara Answers:
Chapter 5 of Kings 2 describes how Naaman, who was an Aramean general, was stricken with Tzaraas. He had a Jewish slave who advised him to go to Elisha for a cure. When he came, Elisha told him to immerse seven times in the Jordan river, and then he'll be cured. Despite doubting him, he did as he was told and was miraculously cured. As a reward, Naaman offered gifts to Elisha, which Elisha turned down. Impressed, Naaman resolved to abandon idolatry and believed only in Hashem
The verses continue: But Geichazi, the servant of Elisha the man of Hashem, said: "my master has spared Naaman this Aramean, in not receiving that which he bought: but, as Hashem lives, I will run after him, and take something from him." So Geichazi followed after Naaman. And when Naaman saw him running after him, he came down from the chariot to meet him, and said, Is all well? And he said, "All is well. My master has sent me, saying: 'even now there be come to me from mount Efrayim two young men of the sons of the prophets: please give them, a talent of silver, and two changes of garments.'" And Naaman said: "Be pleased to take two talents." And
Geichazi to take the gifts,
and bound two talents of silver in two bags, with two changes of garments, and laid them upon two of his servants; and they bore them before him ... But he went in, and stood before his master. And Elisha said to him: " Where
are you coming
from, Geichazi? And he said, Your servant didn't go anywhere". And
said to him, Did not my heart go with you, when the man turned back from his chariot to meet you? Is it a time to receive money, garments, olive - yards, vineyards, sheep, oxen, and servants? So let the disease of Naaman cleave to you, and to your seed for ever. And he went out from his presence stricken as white as snow.
The next chapter then begins:
And the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, Behold now, the place where we dwell with you is too small for us. Please let us go to the Jordan, and every man should take from there a beam, and let us make us a place there, where we may dwell. And he answered, Go...
דכתיב ויאמר נעמן הואל קח ככרים וכתיב ויאמר אליו לא לבי הלך כאשר הפך איש מעל מרכבתו לקראתך העת לקחת את הכסף ולקחת בגדים וזיתים וכרמים וצאן ובקר ועבדים ושפחות
The verse says
"And Naaman said: 'Be content, take two talents.' ... And he said unto him: 'Were not my heart
with you
, when the man turned back from his chariot to meet you? Is it a time to receive money, to receive garments, olive - yards vineyards, sheep, oxen, and servants?"

The Gemara Asks:
ומי שקיל כולי האי
take so much?

כסף ובגדים הוא דשקיל
took silver and garments?

The Gemara Answers:
אמר ר'
יצחק באותה שעה היה אלישע עוסק בשמנה שרצים
Rabbi Yitzchak said that Elisha was then learning
the laws of impurity contracted through touching one of the
eight rodents,

אמר לו רשע הגיע עת ליטול שכר שמנה שרצים
Elisha told Geichazi
"Evil one! Did the time arrive to take the reward of the
study of the laws of
the 'eight rodents'?"

וצרעת נעמן תדבק בך ובזרעך לעולם
"The Tzaraas of Naaman shall cleave unto you, and unto your seed for ever."

וארבעה אנשים היו מצורעים
"Now there were four men with Tzaraas at the entrance of the gate."

אמר רבי יוחנן זה גחזי ושלשת בניו
Rabbi Yochanan said that these
were Geichazi and his three sons.

וילך אלישע דמשק
"And Elisha came to Damascus."

The Gemara Asks:
למה הלך
did Elisha
to Damascus?

The Gemara Answers:
אמר ר'
יוחנן שהלך להחזירו לגחזי בתשובה ולא חזר
Rabbi Yochanan said that
Elisha went to make Geichazi

אמר לו חזור בך
Elisha told Geichazi

אמר לו כך מקובלני ממך כל מי שחטא והחטיא את הרבים אין מספיקין בידו לעשות תשובה
Geichazi answered back that
he had a tradition that anyone who sins and causes others to sin isn't given the opportunity to repent.

The Gemara Asks:
מאי עבד
did Geichazi cause others to sin?

The Gemara cites three answers:
איכא דאמרי אבן שואבת תלה לו לחטאת ירבעם והעמידו בין שמים לארץ
Some say that he attached a magnet to Yeravam's calfs causing them to levitate,

Thereby making them look G - dly.
ואיכא דאמרי שם חקק לה אפומה והיתה אומרת אנכי ולא יהיה לך
Others say he wrote the name of Hashem on
Yeravam's calfs
causing them to say "I
am Hashem your G - d
" and "You shall not
have other gods beside me".

ואיכא דאמרי רבנן דחה מקמיה
Others say that he sent away students from

דכתיב ויאמרו בני הנביאים אל אלישע הנה נא המקום אשר אנחנו יושבים שם לפניך צר ממנו
a verse says
"And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha: 'Behold now, the place where we dwell before you is too constricted for us.'"

מכלל דעד האידנא לא הוה דחיק
Which implies that
as long as Geichazi was around, there
enough room.

The Gemara Asks:
יהושע בן פרחיה מאי היא
What was the incident with
Yehoshua ben Perachia?

The Gemara Answers:
כדהוה קא קטיל ינאי מלכא לרבנן
King Yannai
attempted to
the Sages,

Different Sages were saved in different ways ...
שמעון בן שטח אטמינהו אחתיה
Shimon ben Shetach's sister hid him,

She was the wife of King Yannai and was able to protect him.
יהושע בן פרחיה אזל ערק לאלכסנדריא של מצרים
Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachia escaped to Alexandria
in Egypt

כי הוה שלמא שלח ליה שמעון בן שטח
Yannai ceased killing the Sages,
Shimon ben Shetach sent
a message:

Since Shimon ben Shetach was able to stay in Yerushalayim, he was the first to know of the end of King Yannai's decree.
מני ירושלים עיר הקודש לך אלכסנדריא של מצרים
From me - the holy city of Yerushalayim, to you - Alexandria of Egypt.

אחותי בעלי שרוי בתוכך ואני יושבת שוממה
My sister, my husband dwells in your midst and I'm sitting desolate.

Until here is the message.
אמר ש"מ
=שמע מינה
הוה ליה שלמא
Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachia
derived from this
message that it was safe to return.

כי אתא אקלע לההוא אושפיזא קם קמייהו ביקרא שפיר עבדי ליה יקרא טובא
On his way back
to Yerushalayim,
he stayed in an inn where they showed him great respect.

יתיב וקא משתבח כמה נאה אכסניא זו
Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachia
praised the innkeeper saying that she is beautiful
in deeds,

=אמר ליה
אחד מתלמידיו רבי עיניה טרוטות
One student,
however, misunderstood his teacher and (thinking that Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachia meant that she
responded that "her eyes are round!"

=אמר ליה
רשע בכך אתה עוסק
Rabbi Yehoshua
answered back "Evil one!
Are the looks of married women
interests you?

אפיק ארבע מאה שפורי ושמתיה
He took out four hundred Shofars and excommunicated him.

כל יומא אתא לקמיה ולא קבליה
Every day,
that student
tried to repent but was not accepted,

יומא חד הוה קרי קרית שמע אתא לקמיה
One day, he came
to beg forgiveness as Rabbi Yehoshua
was reciting Shema.

הוה בדעתיה לקבוליה אחוי ליה בידיה
Rabbi Yehoshua
wanted to accept his
repentance, and
to his student to wait a bit.

סבר מדחא דחי ליה
That student misunderstood his hint,
and thought that he's being rejected again.

אזל זקף לבינתא פלחא
Thinking that all is lost,
he stood a brick and worshiped it.

אמר ליה חזור בך
Later on, Rabbi Yehoshua told him

=אמר ליה
כך מקובלני ממך כל החוטא ומחטיא את הרבים אין מספיקין בידו לעשות תשובה
That student answered back
Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachia himself said that
one who sins and causes others to sin isn't given the opportunity to repent,

דאמר מר
כישף והסית והדיח והחטיא את ישראל
And, as
Master said,
that student
performed witchcraft, led
the Jews
to idolatry and to other

The message from the above stories is...
תניא רבי שמעון בן אלעזר אומר יצר תינוק ואשה תהא שמאל דוחה וימין מקרבת
Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar said that the inclination
to procreate,
a child, and a woman should be pushed away with the left
but brought close with the right

And one shouldn't be too strict with them.

נמצא ההורג עד שלא נערפה העגלה תצא ותרעה בעדר
If the murderer was found before the calf was decapitated,
the calf would be treated as a regular (de - sanctified) calf.

משנערפה העגלה תקבר במקומה שעל ספק באתה מתחילתה כיפרה ספיקה והלכה לה
If the calf was decapitated
and only then the murderer was found,
the calf is buried
(as it's forbidden for benefit)
, since it was
brought only out of doubt.

נערפה העגלה ואחר כך נמצא ההורג הרי זה יהרג
If the calf was decapitated and then the murderer was found,
the murderer
is executed.

עד אחד אומר ראיתי את ההורג ועד אחד אומר לא ראית
If a single witness said that he saw the murder, and another single witness said that
the original witness
see anything,

אשה אומרת ראיתי ואשה אומרת לא ראית
if a woman said that she saw
the murder,
and another woman said that
the original witness
see anything,

היו עורפין
In both these cases, the calf
would be decapitated.

עד אחד אומר ראיתי ושנים אומרים לא ראית היו עורפין
If a single witness said that he
saw the murder,
and two witnesses said that
the original witness
see anything,
they wouldn't decapitate
the calf.

שנים אומרים ראינו ואחד אומר להן לא ראיתם לא היו עורפין
If two witnesses said that they saw
the murder,
and another single witness said that
the original witnesses
didn't, they wouldn't decapitate
the calf.

משרבו הרוצחנין בטלה עגלה ערופה
When murders increased, the Calf Decapitation

The Gemara will now discuss when different procedures ended:
משבא אליעזר בן דינאי ותחינה בן פרישה היה נקרא חזרו לקרותו בן הרצחן
This happened
when Eliezer Ben Dinay (who was nicknamed Techina Ben Perisha )
started to become active,
and they called him "the son of the murderer."

משרבו המנאפים פסקו המים המרים
When adultery increased, the
waters were discontinued,

ורבי יוחנן בן זכאי הפסיקן
And Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai ended them,

שנאמר לא אפקוד על בנותיכם כי תזנינה ועל כלותיכם כי תנאפנה כי הם וגו'
As the verse
says "I will not punish your daughters when they commit harlotry, Nor your daughters - in - law when they commit adultery; For they themselves
consort with lewd women"

משמת יוסי בן יועזר איש צרידה ויוסי בן יהודה איש ירושלים בטלו האשכלות
Upon the death of Yossi ben Yoezer from Tzreida and Yossi ben Yehuda from Yerushalayim, the " Eshkolot " ended,

שנאמר אין אשכול לאכול בכורה אותה נפשי
As the verse
says "There is no cluster to eat; Nor first - ripe fig which my soul desires."

יוחנן כהן גדול העביר הודיית המעשר
Yochanan the Kohen Gadol stopped the tithing confession,

אף הוא בטל את המעוררין
He also stopped the " awakers ,"

ואת הנוקפין
And the "knockers"

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